Third Age Travel - Tips, Tricks and Techniques

The Ultimate Guide to Traveling the World (after your kids have grown)

The e-book for the Third Age Traveler. All the tips - comfort without expense, excitement without danger, ease of travel without the blandness of cruises and package tours.

US$9.99 - less than a meal in Vietnam!


Third Age Travel - The Country Ranking 2018

The definitive report on the top 100 countries, rating them by eight criteria:

  1. Value for money
  2. Ease of visiting
  3. Things to see and do
  4. Environment
  5. Crime rate
  6. Standard of health care
  7. Corruption level
  8. Age awareness.

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The 13 Biggest Myths About Travel - BUSTED!

Why everything you thought you knew about travel is probably wrong

  • How the biggest MYTH leads to the biggest MISTAKE
  • When to travel (Hint: NOW!)
  • Why time is your FRIEND, not your ENEMY
  • What you need to do: The SIX SIMPLE STEPS to successful
    Third Age Travel

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Cover of Third Age Travel Book

Third Age Travel - The ultimate guide to travelling the world after your kids have grown

Read Third Age Travel's guide to the world. This is no ordinary travel guide. It is designed for Third Agers who want the freedom to do their own travel - on their own terms.

Written by Third Age Travel CEO and founder Graeme Philipson, it covers every aspect of travel in the Third Age. Its emphasis is on saving money and saving time. It advice is optimized for independent Third Agers - no family stuff or adventure travel or one-size-fits-nobody package tours.

The book includes the Third Age Travel Guide to the World, a listing of over 100 countries and what to see and do.


Region-specific travel guides

Third Age Travel is assembling a series of travel guides for popular destinations around the world. Our first three will be Japan, Britain/Ireland, and Australia/New Zealand.

Then will follow Western Europe, South-East Asia. and China. We know all these places well.

Watch this space!

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