Everything you need to know about Third Age Travel. Well, a few things, anyway

Why was Third Age Travel formed?

Because there's virtually nothing out there specifically for people of our age and our way of thinking. Most travel advice is directed towards younger people, or so-called 'seniors' (a word we hate). We thought the world needed good travel advice something for people unencumbered by both children and old age.

So how are you different from 'seniors' travel sites?

We don't talk down to you. We don't assume you want it all handed to you on a platter. We give you credit for wanting to try new things and meet new people. But we want independent - but comfortable - travel, for the right price. And we don't use the word 'seniors'!

When was Third Age Travel started?

We kicked things off on GP's 64th birthday - 27 February 2018 - after a lifetime of serious travel for business and pleasure. Then we had to build the website. Official launch date 1 July 2018,

What countries do you serve?

Like the world itself, we are global. We are based in Australia, but our perspective is totally international. We write in international (which is to say US) English, and our examples and advice are for people anywhere in the world.

Is Third Age Travel a travel agency?

No. We do not sell anything other than our own travel guides. We offer advice. If we recommend somewhere or something, it's because we like it and we think you will too. We get no commission - all our advice is totally impartial.

What is your policy on freebies?

We're not proud. We'll accept travel, accommodation or other stuff for free. We will always disclose this. But we will maintain our independence. All our advice is based on what we think is best, and what we ourselves would do. If you read our blog, you'll see what we mean.