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This is a fantastic idea and we really like the term Third Age Travellers! We love travelling and like to explore new countries and places on our own terms. We have never been disappointed in adopting this approach and welcome a site that gives us tips, techniques and shares blogs and the experience of other Third Age Travellers. We are already using this site to help plan our next adventure!

Jenny and Steve Ingram, Aberdeen, Scotland


There's always been a need for a good comprehensive guide for the more mature traveler, giving sensible, but unpatronising advice and information about independent travel. Your book and website will be very well received by the thousands of intrepid third agers out there on their voyages of discovery.

Diane and John Smith, Attleborough, England


I am 68 years old. Having a resource llke Third Age Travel has taken the fear of traveling alone out of my vocabulary. Thank you for putting together all of this wonderful information.

Jean Walker. Vancouver, Canada


What a great idea! Now we can all benefit from this information.

Rosemary Byrnes. Port Macquairie, Australia



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