Travel tips

Oops! Customs and cultural awareness

Diff'rent folks, diff'rent customs

The world is a very diverse place, with many different customs. That is slowly changing with globalization, but we are a long way from everywhere being like everywhere else. It will probably happen one day, but long after we are gone. The image of the boorish tourist taking no notice of his surroundings has become…

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Japan – land of the rising tourist

Mount Fuji

Three times in the last two weeks I have had friends ask me for tips on visiting Japan. I’ve been going there for 30 years, for business and pleasure, and I love the place. But now I’m worried too many people are going there, and it will be spoilt. The numbers are astonishing. I looked…

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Walking the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Have you ever walked across the Sydney Harbour Bridge.? I did it today. It took me less than an hour and I got better views of the famous Opera House and Sydney’s sparkling harbor than from anywhere else. Bridges are there to be crossed.  And it’s enormous fun to walk them – you see your surroundings…

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Twelve key lessons from 40 years of travel

I am 64 years old. I have been traveling internationally, for business and pleasure, for 40 years. It is one thing I never tire of, and it has become my life. I have traveled in luxury (usually at others’ expense on business trips) and I have backpacked on a shoestring. I have begged on the…

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The tourist versus traveller debate

You read a bit about the distinction between a ‘tourist’ and a ‘traveler’. People who regard themselves as travelers think they’re a cut above the tourist. They think that it is only other people who go and gawk at the sights and think destinations off a list, but not them. No, they imagine themselves to…

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When (and how) to travel light – and when not to

There’s lots of advice out there that you should always travel light. That’s true – but only up to a point. There are times when it simply doesn’t matter. But even when it doesn’t, there is no reason to take more than you need. Let me explain the reasoning. There are basically two types of…

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