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Diff'rent folks, diff'rent customs

Oops! Customs and cultural awareness

By Graeme Philipson | 04 Jun 2018

The world is a very diverse place, with many different customs. That is slowly changing with globalization, but we are…

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Mount Fuji

Japan – land of the rising tourist

By Graeme Philipson | 02 Jun 2018

Three times in the last two weeks I have had friends ask me for tips on visiting Japan. I’ve been…

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Sydney Harbour Bridge

Walking the Sydney Harbour Bridge

By Graeme Philipson | 21 May 2018

Have you ever walked across the Sydney Harbour Bridge.? I did it today. It took me less than an hour and…

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A map of the world with countries color coded by their ranking in the index

Release of Third Age Travel Country Rating

By Graeme Philipson | 06 May 2018

New rating and ranking system of 100 countries to visit, evaluating them by eight criteria. Third Age Travel has released…

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Paris by arrondissement

By Graeme Philipson | 03 May 2018

Paris is the most wonderful city on earth. It is the most visited, and probably the most famous. I love…

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Dress well -the lobby of the Hotel Adlon in Berlin

Five reasons to dress well for travel – and how to do it

By Graeme Philipson | 28 Apr 2018

It’s great to dress well when you travel. It opens doors – quite literally. Dressing well doesn’t mean dressing up.…

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Twelve key lessons from 40 years of travel

By Graeme Philipson | 25 Apr 2018

I am 64 years old. I have been traveling internationally, for business and pleasure, for 40 years. It is one…

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Vietnam for the Third Age Traveller

By Graeme Philipson | 22 Mar 2018

I have just spent two weeks in Vietnam, backpacking alone, traversing the thousand mile length of the country by train…

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The tourist versus traveller debate

By Graeme Philipson | 20 Feb 2018

You read a bit about the distinction between a ‘tourist’ and a ‘traveler’. People who regard themselves as travelers think…

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