Why do we do it?

We are GP and Shaz and we love to travel. We are also in the Third Age. But we are not wealthy retirees who can go where we want whenever we want. Like an increasing number of Third Agers, we still need to work - if only to fund our insatiable wanderlust.

This makes us very conscious of value for money - we want as good a time as possible for a reasonable amount of money. We've done a lot of travel, all over the world, and it occurred to us that there are many other people like us out there.

So we came up with the idea of Third Age Travel. It is for people like us.  There are many ways to travel, and to organize it all. We love the fun of planning our trips and researching the possibilities.

This website is designed to help you do your sort of travel, where you are in control of the big two contraints in life and in travel - time and money.

Who are we?

There's just a few of us. We're not a big corporate or part of some large publishing conglomerate.

We don't owe nobody nothin'.

GP Kwai

Graeme Philipson - 'GP'

Co-founder, CEO, business development and blogger
[celebrating making it to the Bridge on the River Kwai]

Writer, market researcher, poet and traveler.

He had a long career as one of the world's leading technology journalists, and has written a number of books on the IT industry. He travels extensively, mainly to write (in the mornings) and eat and drink (in the afternoons and evenings).

He has flown across the Pacific more than 100 times, been arrested by the East German Volkspolizei, and has visited Paris so often he is over it.

He loves Asian food, Czech beer and getting a travel bargain. He has a BA in Modern History and Political Science.


Sharon Rowland - 'Shaz'

Co-founder, blogger, admin and artist in residence
[downing a pint in the Sherlock Holmes  in London]

 GP's partner in travel and in life.

Shaz was for many years a primary school teacher, mainly in Art and English as a Second Language. She conducts a business teaching art fundamentals to schools, and drawing murals and other public artworks.

She has taught cartooning, conducted art workshops for adults, and created illustrations for books and  magazines. She loves her hi-tech drawing tablet and software.

She has a BA in Visual Arts and all sorts of art qualifications.

Now she travels whenever she can.

Max great wall

Maximilian Philipson - 'Max'

Webmaster and trainee Third Ager
[being a bit silly at the Great Wall of China]

Inveterate traveler at a young age.

GP's son. Hasn't stopped travelling since he left home. All-round techie. Listens mainly to Third Age era music because GP brainwashed him with it as a child.

Keeps the site running. Does a lot of those things that younger people are good at. Makes useful suggestions occasionally. Tries very hard to understand the Third Age mindset.

He is an award-winning amateur dramatics performer. He has lived and worked in Australia, England, Scotland, Spain, Thailand and Canada. He has a BA in Communications.