What is the Third Age?

The First Age is childhood.

The Second Age is your children's childhood.

The Third Age is your time - time to enjoy all that life and travel have to offer.

You are only as old as your mind tells you, and it is never too late to do what you have always wanted.

Why Third Age Travel?

Third Age Travel is all about equipping us Third Agers with the tips, tricks and techniques to enjoy global travel on our terms.

That means it must be independent, fun, and value for money. That doesn't mean doing it all yourself, but it does mean taking control. It's for people who want to explore the world - and not from the inside of a cruise ship.

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Who are we?

We are GP and Shaz. We are Third Agers who live to travel - and travel to live and make sure we keep living!

When we started to travel a lot we were amazed at the lack of good solid independent advice for people like us. It's out there, but how good would it be if it was all in one place!

So, we thought we'd do it ourselves.

Welcome to Third Age Travel.

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The Third Age Travel Manifesto

Third Age Travel is about independence. It is not about being told where to go or what to do, river or ocean cruises, or being locked up in a 'resort'. Get out there!

Third Age Travel is about the Good Life. We travel to meet the locals, to eat and drink, and to learn about the world. We are big on excitement without danger or stupidity. I'll have the same again, thanks!

Third Age Travel is about value for money. We don't stay in hostels and we are not luxury travelers. We want to spend our money on the things that matter. We want to hit the sweet spot between frugality and extravagance. Is that your best price?

And, of course, Third Age Travel is about the Third Age. Let the young people and the thirty-somethings have their fun. In the meantime, we'll have ours - and we've had a lot more practice!



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